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Percussionist | Educator

UT Arlington Drum Major Camp 2024

Drum Major Camp studies include conducting, marching, teaching fundamentals, drill and music, problem solving and leadership. Drum Majors are taught by band directors and former drum majors at the high school, collegiate, and DCI levels. With a focus on conducting and leadership, we focus on the skills that will most likely impact their effectiveness as a leader in their program. Drum major campers will also attend leadership sessions.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 2024: Session 2

Blue Lake’s Jazz Program is designed to challenge young artists of all proficiency levels by exploring the world of Jazz through a well-balanced curriculum focusing on ensemble work, studying the masters of the genre, and improvisational studies. Daily classes include full ensemble rehearsals of standard jazz band instrumentation, sectionals, technique class, and an improvisation and listening lab. Students are encouraged to refine their jazz improvisational skills throughout all classes.

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