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My consortium entitled Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History highlights percussionists Keiko Abe (marimba), Evelyn Glennie (multi percussion), Terri Lyne Carrington (drumset), and Marjorie Hyams (vibraphone) whose careers have made substantial impacts on the percussion community.


My goal is not only for these solo pieces to become staples within the percussion canon but also to highlight the power and strength of the female percussionist. This project will be a collaboration to give other percussionists the opportunity to help support and spread its vision. Each performance is an active way to outwardly express support for the project and equal representation within the percussion community.

Who (Composers)

Jennifer Jolly ( - Multi

Molly Joyce ( - Vibraphone

Shruthi Rajasekar ( - Marimba

Juri Seo ( - Drumset


How Can I Contribute?

Two Categories, paid in 2 installments (one now, the other at the time of delivery) :

1. Independent Musician ($200)

2. Student* ($100)

*Must provide valid ID

 Consortium members will receive all four solos by January 7th, 2022 with a one year of performance exclusivity starting from the date of the premiere performances on April,16th 2022. Emily will have the exclusive rights to the first recordings of each piece. I am shooting for 40 consortium members, but will not be placing a cap on the number of participants. The more the merrier!

The deadline to join the consortium has now passed. Please contact Emily directly for information about the pieces.

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